(To the tune of "Gilligan's Island")

Just sit right back and you'll hear a tale,
a tale of a fateful day
begun at a STEEP river bank,
as anyone there will say.
As anyone there will say.

Rick lead in a kayak teal,
the others brave and sure
Thinking that ahead of them
was a casual river tour.
A casual river tour.

The river started getting rough,
the tiny canoes were tossed.
Most canoes were overturned, and
one canoe was lost.
One canoe was lost.

The canoes set ground at the shore of what was thought to be half-way
and the wet exhausted paddlers
there called it a day.
There called it a day.

With Robyyan, his lady Fern, a lawyer ... and his wife,
Rita and the kids, and Ron, Carol, Jenny, Neal, Bill, Andrew, Jonothan, Jennifer, Greg, and Diane.
18 soggy paddlers, all came home that day.