Board Gaming At Rick's Place

Most 3rd Fridays of the Month, 7pm until.



Mostly continuous since September 2002 befoer Covid - one of the longest-running open games nights in the Triangle.

Lots of gaming experience, or never having played - Everyone welcome! Our general focus is Euro strategy games, but we've had just about everything at one time or another. Most games have at least one person who's never played before, so don't let that bother you!

Our game collection includes at least (in mostly no particular order): Car Wars++, Robo Rally+++, Formula De+, Lost Cities, Settlers of Catan+, Carcassone+++, Bitin Off Hedz, Groo+, Warhamster Rally, Clans, Formula Motor Racing, Gootmu, Great Brain Robbery, Get Out, Unexploded Cow, Gold Digger, Talisman+++, Stratego, Clix (Mechwarrior+ and Heroclix+++), Pirates, Hegemony, Vinci, Hera and Zeus, Zombies!!, Ursuppe+, Tikal, Battle Ball, Dominoes, Pente, Risk, Survive!, Amoeba Wars, Attika, Power Grid+, Axis & Allis (1st and 2nd ed.), Circus Maximus, Can't Stop, Samurai, Blokus+, Oceania, Gloom++, Tongiyaki, Fluxx, Pirates Cove, Hey That's My Fish, Hacienda, Merchant of Venus, Oasis, King of Tokyo, Castle Ravenloft, Eclipse, Tzolk'in, Firefly, Vegas Showdown, Cosmic Encounter, Black Fleet, R3d N0vember, Whitewater, Perry Rhodan, Rise of Augustus, Terraforming Mars, Tichu, Quirkle, Ingenious, Conflict of Heroes, Hellrail, One False Step For Mankind, Pitchcar, Gang of Four, Dragon Rage, Last Night on Earth, Tempvs, Wizard's Quest

Games I used to Have: De Mauer, Valley of the Mammoths, Zombies from Outer Space+, Trans America, Munchkin+, Probe, Squad Leader, Mutiny (another terrible game), Chez Geek+, Key to the Kingdom (man is this ever a terrible game), Dr. Ruth's Game of Good Sex (hey, you ARE paying attention), Killer Bunnies (and OFC the Quest for the Magic Carrot), Taj Mahal, Macao, Heroscape, Bohnanza, Jet Set, Order of the Stick, Small World, Pandemic, Sea Kings, Dungeons & Dragons: Attack Wing, Golem Arcana, Guillotine, Citadels, Panzer Blitz, Luftwaffe, Britannia, 2nd ed., UFO, OGRE, Undead, Trivial Pursuit, Titan, Twilight Imperium, Monopoly, Corruption, Chez Dork, Empires of the Void

You are more than welcome to play our games, or bring your own! If you've never heard of one (or all) of these, heck it's just more fun things to learn. And you're more than welcome to bring more!

The trend appears to be about 16 (+/- 8). If ya feel the need to let me know you're coming in advance, go ahead, but if not, please come anyway!

We typically provide drinks and chips. You're welcome to bring more food (food good!) but it's not a requirement. Please note the host can't eat things with dairy/lactose. Doesn't mean you can't bring them, just means Rick won't eat them :-)

We try to keep the more social/loud games isolated in the den so they're not quite so disruptive, and strategy games upstairs. This is not really a good event for those under the age of 14 or so.

If you have any questions, email us.

Directions: We live at 2535 Sevier St. in Durham, near the intersection of 15-501 and Cornwallis Rd. The house is set back some from the road. As identifying marks, the driveway is on the left of the lot, there's stone terracing out front, and the hosue has three large skylights.

From Raleigh: Take I 40E to the Durham Freeway (Hwy 147). Take the 15-501 S exit. Take the Cornwallis Rd. Exit. Turn left onto Cornwallis.Go about .9 miles and Turn left onto Sevier St. (If you get to a light you're about two blocks too far). 2535 Sevier St.  (on the right, about 2.5 blocks down)

From Chapel Hill: Take 15-501 N.Take the Cornwallis Rd. exit. Turn right onto Cornwallis. Go about .9 miles and turn left onto Sevier St. (If you get to a light you're about 2 blocks too far). 2535 Sevier St.  (on the right, about 2.5 blocks down)

Parking: Pls. park on the street. Don't park on the street facing the wrong way (as the local police ticket!).

We have two standard poodles, who can sound ... noisy ... as you're coming up to the house. If you're allergic to dogs, they're hypoallergenic!

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