Rick's Home Automation

My house is automated with an open-source project called MisterHouse. Currently, I have the following things tied into the application:

USGS Notification (developed myself)
Monitoring the USGS web site, and sending mail when the water's up in the rivers I kayak
Notifying friends when it's warm enough for them to go too.
Daily Strips
Pulling the comics I read on a daily basis
Archiving them on my PC for a couple of weeks when I'm out of town
Logging and alerts for all incoming calls
Monitoring the Vonage site for outgoing calls
Announcing the Caller ID information (using a NetCallerID device), customized for specific individuals.
Vonage web-based access to voicemail
Email notification of voicemail messages (via Vonage)
Exterior Lighting
Exterior motion sensors that turn on and off the exterior lighting
Announcements over the house PA system for when people come up to the house (sensitivity varies inversely by wind speed)
Modes for specific events that turn on the exterior lighting in advance
Porch light that turns on and off based on darkness (based on Internet twilight settings)
Interior lighting
Interior lights that turn on and off based on occupancy and daylight.
Wireless remotes for control of interior lighting
Exterior cameras
Exterior cameras recording motion outside, and emailing video out (Zoneminder)
Accessible over the internet
Alarm System
Autodialer for when the alarm system is tripped (dials home, Marnie and I at work, and Marnie's cell)
Email alerts
Sensors in garage for additional alarm notification
Web-based display of TV Listings (developed myself).
PA system announcements for shows that I watch
a Linux-based PVR (MythTV)
Multiple Media MVP mvpmc boxes as Myth Front Ends to watch separate PVR shows on multiple TVs.
All DVD and VHS centralled stored and viewable.
Centralized music
All CDs ripped and accessible over a web interface through the house PA system
Weather monitoring
Monitoring for earthquakes :-)
Monitoring national and local weather information
Web-based display of current exterior weather conditions
Web-based Calender
PA announcements of upcoming events
House PA system tied to 4 channel switch. Ability to turn PA system on/off
Monitoring temp and humidity across multiple 1-wire (MS-TH) devices in the house and crawl space.
Logging of temp/humidity across hours/days/weeks/months
Monitoring of water (using MS-THW (developed myself)) at the sump pump, and checking to see if it's stopped working
When doing nothing else, displays photo journal (like a changeable picture frame)
Voice-activated commands using Microsoft Voice
Running using my BlueTooth headset. Needs better range.
Planned additions:
Notification when about to exceed Vonage minutes
Improved camera monitoring and notification
Improved interior motion detection